Over the past four decades, AurumImpex has evolved into a major supplier and distributor of an extensive range of heavy equipment parts. Its products are widely used by companies involved in construction, mining, and infrastructure development all over world.

Established in the year 1993 by a corps of hardworking and enterprising people, AurumImpex continues to incorporate new ideas and modernisation efforts such as automation and computerization whilst drawing simultaneously on the experience, industry knowledge and customer loyalty build up over the years.


As market demands grew in sophistication and complexity; the company had to provide a wider range of equipment parts. As a result AurumImpex began to import parts from original manufacturers and reputable replacement parts distributors in the U.S.A., EUROPE, KOREA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, CHINA & MALAYSIA . Warehouse space was also increased so that sufficient stocks could be carried to ensure timely delivery to customers.

AurumImpex distributes an extensive range of original and quality replacement parts for GasTurbines,SteamTurbines,Generators made by established manufacturers.


With its industry experience, an established business network and entrepreneurial foresight, AurumImpex is well positioned to take advantage of the additional opportunities expected in the growing infrastructure development sector in INDIA. The company is committed to keeping its leading position in the distribution of heavy equipment parts in INDIA.