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Welcome to Aurum Impex Inc., a leading provider of engineered and manufactured solutions for OEMs and part distributor worldwide. Our ability to exceed customer expectations is our trademark and we look forward to serving your needs through world-class engineering.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Aurum Impex’s engineering and parts manufacturing excels at delivering unparalleled value, exceptional quality, and outstanding results. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, we consistently meet and exceed our clients’ needs, ensuring their projects always succeed.

Experience heavy industry parts manufacturing


As a leading engineering and parts manufacturing firm, Aurum Impex specializes in distributing a comprehensive selection of original and top-quality replacement parts for Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, and Generators from top manufacturers to ensure optimal equipment performance, reliability, and availability.

Turbomachinery Parts and Spares

OEM Parts

Aurum Impex is your trusted partner for OEM parts support in the energy industry. Our engineering and parts manufacturing firm specializes in serving operators of GE Gas Turbines, GE Steam Turbines, HITACHI Turbines, oil rigs, and turbomachinery—providing quality spares and expert consulting services.

GE Gas Turbine Parts

Gas Turbine Parts

Gas turbines are the most critical machinery in use by Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and many other industrial turbine operators. Aurum Impex specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of both OEM and aftermarket spares for gas turbines—including GE Frame 5, 6 and 7 gas turbines in use around the globe.

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Seeking a Global Manufacturing Partner?

Aurum Impex actively works as a strategic partner and supplier of OEM and aftermarket parts for industrial organizations around the world. Our global reach and experience spawning over four decades makes us a formidable partner for your operation—ensuring you will have direct access to our experience and insight in engineering and manufacturing.

A Reputation for Industry Excellence

Four Decades of Experience, Knowledge, and Insight

Aurum Impex - Engineering Manufacturing

Our History and Legacy

Founded in 1993, during the past four decades Aurum Impex has evolved into a major supplier and distributor of an extensive range of heavy equipment parts. Its products are widely used by companies involved in construction, mining, and infrastructure development worldwide—and we continue to deliver through its experience, industry knowledge, and customer loyalty.

Global Business Leaders

Aurum Impex distributes an extensive range of original and quality replacement parts for Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, and other equipment made by established manufacturers—and also for reputable replacement parts distributors in the USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia, with warehouses in strategic locations to ensure timely delivery.

Leading into the Future

With its industry experience, an established business network and entrepreneurial foresight, Aurum Impex is well-positioned to take advantage of the additional opportunities expected in the growing infrastructure development sector across all our markets—and we are committed to maintaining a leading position in the distribution of heavy equipment parts worldwide.

Aurum Impex Testimonials

Words of Support from our Trusted Customers

“Aurum Impex delivered exactly what we expected, on-time and within budget. More importantly, their consulting services helped us streamline our parts’ design to produce a final deliverable that exceeded our own quality standards.”